Indian Golf Union - National Handicap Service

An mobile & web based USGA handicapping system for golfers. Over 5000 golfers across India already maintain their handicaps on the system. Since its inception in 2015, over 35,000 scores have been posted. Download the TotalGolfHub app for ios & android. 


We work closely with the Indian Golf Union- the apex body of golf in India to develop a cutting edge and robust USGA issued handicapping system for all golfers in India. Over the last two years of its launch over 80,000 rounds from over 4000 users have already been posted. The mobile app & web interface help golfers, golf clubs & amateur tours maintain USGA handicaps with ease as well as make the game more enjoyable and fair to all. Try the ‘TotalGolfHub’ mobile app for android and iOS and let us know what you think.